The best learning pal for kids; robots for kids

What is WeDraw-Eggy


WeDraw-Eggy, the robot, is an enlightenment educational tool designed for kids ages 3-8. It's a drawing robot but also much more. 

There are 3 different functional cards within the kit: drawing cards, math cards, and English cards. It allows kids to learn math and English while drawing. WeDraw-Eggy is a little home teaching assistant to help kids get ready for school or connecting school and home self learning. 

What kids can learn with WeDraw-Eggy



•Learn with professional children’s book illustrator step by step



•Get to know numbers, addition & subtraction



•Get to know and write letters and English words

Learn drawing step by step

Silly Monsters

All the pictures are designed exclusively for WeDraw-eggy American famous children’s book writer and illustrator Ralph Massiello.

Step-by-step learning

  Break down a picture into basic lines and shapes kids can understand and imitate easily.

Gradual leaning system

  Start with easy pictures composed by simple shapes and lines and then move to higher level pictures composed by more lines and shapes. 

Who is Ralph Masiello

The children's art book illustrator

Ralph Masiello was born and raised in the state of Massachusetts. With over 30 years of experience in children’s art, Ralph has illustrated many children’s books including The Icky Bug Alphabet Book (selling over 2.5 million copies all over the world), The Flag We Love, as well as his very own drawing series.

Since 1987, he has been invited to over 2,700 schools in USA! With so much experience and expertise in children’s art, we are confident that he can deliver the best drawing illustrations to your kids.

Learn more at: https://ralphmasiello.com 

English words and letters


I am a beautiful insect. I always flying through the flowers. I have wings! You may think I have two wings, actually I have four...


WeDraw-eggy draws on the paper to show kids what the animal is.

26 letters

Leads kids to find all the 9 letters in order, B-U-T-T-E-R-F-L-Y and write down to show kids.


I am the biggest land animal in this world. I can grow to 11 feet tall and weigh up to 13,000 pounds!I have big ears, and very long nose... 


I am a huge animal that lives in the ocean. I have a long, stream-line body.  To breathe, I have a blowhole in the top of my head...

Numbers and addition & subtraction

Draw and explain cards

Draw and speak to explain to kids what on the card. Explain things will use for the challenge.


Draw down the ice cream and explain there are 3 ice cream balls and 2 chocolate sticks.

Put forward conditions and questions

Based on the picture, put forward conditions and ask questions.


One ice cream ball is USD 1 and one chocolate stick is USD 1, how much is it the whole ice cream?

Challenge completed

Kids think and find out the right answer. When the right number card is scanned, challenge is completed.

The right answer is USD 5, kids do the calculation and find the right number cards 5 to scan. Challenge completed congratulations! 

What's inside

WeDraw Eggy is designed to be your kid’s best friend. He has an RFID eye to “see”, a stereo speaker to communicate, and a robotic arm to draw.   

We designed the WeDraw to have a modern minimalistic aesthetic. Wedraw embraces simple but intelligent design to offer the easiest way for kids to learn.  No redundant or useless feature in Wedraw, for instance, we cut down on  the number of buttons from four(wedraw 1.0) to one (wedraw 2.0). 

No Screen & WIFI required

Unlike most robots, WeDraw does not require any electronic screen, Wi-Fi, app downloading, or outside devices. Let your child concentrate on their art without any interruptions.  


Draw a circle monster


WeDraw with a french family!

First meet with WeDraw in the park!

 WeDraw can also play a big role in classroom.

- Its' cute appearance and interesting verbal guidance help teachers catch children's attention. 

- Working with art master and professional publisher  of educational books, WeDraw provides teachers the best educational  resources.

- WeDraw is keep updating; teachers can always get the most advanced and latest resources. 

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